Different Types Of Weatherboard

We are living in such advanced times that we not only know about the ways to construct or build perfect house or building for us but now we are also aware to decorate and protect these buildings. Even though the materials that are used for their protection or to improve their look are same as the materials that are used for the main process of construction but their means of installation varies. In simpler words, we can say that the same products are used in different ways. One such process which is used to enhance the look of the house or to protect it from extreme weather conditions is the process of cladding or the use of interior wall cladding in NZ. Weatherboards are one such structure which is used to be installed on the exterior portion of the wall for various purposes. We will be discussing bout the different types of weatherboards in this article.

Weatherboard and its different types:

Weatherboard can be defined as the long, horizontal, slab like structures that are made in such a way that no space is left between two slabs. These slab like structures are then installed on the exterior portion of the house. The purpose of installing perfect architectural panels in NZ is to protect the walls of the house from getting affected by the extreme weather conditions like scorching heat or heavy rain. Another plus point of installing weatherboards on the external side of your walls is that it enhances the look your house as well.

There are many different types of weatherboards which differ on the basis of the material that is used in their composition. There are timber weatherboards which are the most used weatherboards because of their multiple functions and aesthetic appeal. Timber weatherboards can further be divided into various types depending upon the type of wood that is used in the manufacturing of weatherboards like pine weatherboards, cedar weatherboards, etc. Besides the weatherboards that are made up of wood, there are weatherboards that are composed of vinyl. There are metal weatherboards as well.

The process of cladding:

As the name implies, cladding is the process of covering or cladding walls with long slab like horizontal structures, these structures are known as the weatherboards. One of the most commonly installed weatherboards in the process of cladding is the timber weatherboards because of their amazing aesthetic appeal and multiple functions.


Cladding is the process of installing long slab like horizontal structures on the exterior portion of your houses to protect the walls from moisture, humidity or other such conditions. These slab like horizontal structures are known as weatherboards. Weatherboards can differ from one another on the basis of the products that are used in their composition. There are cedar weatherboards, pine weatherboards, vinyl weatherboards, metal weatherboards and many other such types of weatherboards are available in the market. “Weather tex” is considered as one of the best weatherboard suppliers who supply the best quality of weatherboards all across the New Zealand.